Had To Find A Locksmith In My Area Because I Locked My Keys In My Car

I was leaving for work one day and I was in a hurry. Right as I was getting into my car, I remembered I forgot something in my house. Since it was cold outside, I went ahead and started my car to let it warm up. I ran in my house to get the things I needed and when I came back out to get in my car I realized the doors were locked and it was running. I wasn’t sure how this happened, but assumed that I hit the lock button by accident. I needed to get my keys out of my car so I could get to work and I knew I was going to need to find a locksmith in my area to help me out.

locksmith in my area

Before I started looking for a locksmith, I called my work to let them know that I would be late because I locked my keys in my car. They acted like they understood, but I had a feeling I was going to get wrote up for it since it wasn’t my first time being late.

Then I started searching for a locksmith in my area and found a few that popped up when I searched. I was able to call them right from the listing because I looked it up on my phone. The first locksmith I called didn’t answer their phone so I called the next one that was listed. They said they were about 10 minutes away. I didn’t want to wait, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Luckily, I always leave my front door unlocked and was able to go back into my home. I was kicking myself at that point for not having a spare set of keys for my car. If I did, I wouldn’t need to wait around on a locksmith. I planned on having keys made in case this ever happened again.

Within just a few minutes the locksmith arrived to unlock my doors. They were making jokes that my car should be warmed up now that it has been running for so long. It put a better mood on the whole situation and I couldn’t help but to laugh about it. I was so thankful when they finally got my doors unlocked and they even said they could make a copy of my keys for me so I could avoid this from happening again in the future. I told them I didn’t have time right now for it, but I would contact them later in the day to have the keys made.

I found a great locksmith who is now added to my list of emergency numbers. They were able to get to me quickly, unlock my doors and make me laugh about the whole situation. They made my keys for me and didn’t charge me very much to do it either. I am glad I found this locksmith.